Launch your saas apps in days

Forget configuring and writing the complex parts for your app. Saaswind is a starter app that gives you all the code, including the complex ones, you need to make and launch your saas app in few days.

Powered by cutting edge technologies

The Hasura Logo GraphQL

Saaswind contains out of the box features that lets you:

  • Provide login, signup and forgot password out of the box.
  • Provide two factor authentication to your customers. Use Authy or your own two-factor authentication app.
  • Offer your customers both monthly and yearly plans using Stripe
  • Automatically email your customers their invoice and also allow them to download their invoice using dashboard.
  • Allow your users to create, join and invite other users to their teams without writing a single line of code.
  • Allow each team to have its own billing plan, just like GitHub organizations.
  • Provide user impersonation that helps you to login as a customer when you need to debug a problem.
  • Provide graphql API with authentication out of the box.
  • Connect your external saas apps easily
  • Provide out of the box support for real time subscriptions
  • Create web hooks easily
  • And many more....

Saaswind is built on cutting edge tech stack and contains scalable, testable and maintainable code that makes any developer productive from day one